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Best Chiropractor for Bad Back Pain

by Brandi Harris on June 25, 2015

I never want to use a shovel again in my life after all of the work that I did yesterday, it was way too much for me and I should have known that was I exerting myself too much. I woke up and my back felt like garbage. I can’t even put it into words really, so I will stick with ‘garbage’. I just scheduled an appointment with a Bakersfield chiropractor so that they can have a look at my back and also give me some treatment.the time for my appointment could not come soon enough because I am pretty much in agony right now, and I do not know what I can do to feel any better.

It is a pretty awful situation to be in. I do not even feel good when I am laying down in bed. I tried taking some pain killers and a muscle relaxer, but it has not done a whole lot of good for the pain I am in so far.I am just glad that this back injury happened on a week that I had taken off from work. (more →)

A Good Internet Connection for the Country

by Brandi Harris on February 3, 2016

I had been thinking of moving for a while, but it wasn’t until my neighbor was the victim of a violent home invasion that I finally knew I had to do it. I had grown up in a very rural setting where things like that just did not happen. I wanted to get back to it, and my folks welcomed me home with open arms. I knew that I could stay there until I got some money saved up for my own place. The only thing I had to do first was make sure satellite Internet service was available where they live.

I know that people just about anywhere can get it, but I also know that line of sight can be the one deal breaker. I work from home, so I needed to have a reliable Internet provider. (more →)

Practical Solutions To Everyday Back Pain

by Travis Amos on April 21, 2015

Back pain has many origins, and can really interfere with daily living. If you are plagued by everyday back pain, look over the following suggestions that can ease your pain and get you focused on the more important elements of your life.

back pain solution


1. Try strengthening exercises. Consult your physician for specific exercises you can do every morning that properly stretch and strengthen the muscles in your back. Try core and leg building exercises too, as these will all take some of the load off of your back.

2. Sit up straight. Posture is an often over-looked yet leading cause of body aches and pains; sit and walk in the manner in which your body was designed for greater comfort and less pain.

3. Eat better. Certain foods, such as peppers, work in an anti-inflammatory way and this can reduce the amount of pain you suffer from. Overly processed foods and those containing many chemicals burden your body and can increase the aches you experience; be smart about your diet, in consideration of your back pain and skeleton health.

4. Drop a few pounds. If you spent the day carrying around a ten pound bag, your entire body would suffer! When we are overweight, the same principle of burdening applies and will contribute to back pain. Maintain a healthy weight to make the job your back does every day a lot easier.

5. Improve circulation. Especially if your job requires lengthy sitting, stretching and moving about will aid in circulation, which can improve back health. Circulation is vital to a healthy overall system and more efficiently functioning muscles and bones.

6. Lift right, or don’t lift at all. One wrong move when you are lifting something can cause permanent damage to your back! Get your legs and upper body involved in any lift and make a mental note to be cognitive of the strain you are about to put on your back, before injury or worsening of a pre-existing ailment.

7. Invest in a good mattress. Nobody likes to spend a lot of money, especially in these economic times, but a quality mattress is a must-have for back pain sufferers. Research the basic elements of a good mattress and get yourself one, even if the price isn’t pleasing.

8. Reduce stress. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can really help relieve back pressure. Stress exaggerates the negative effects of absolutely everything, so take the necessary steps to alleviate tension in your mind and body.

9. Consider a chiropractor or acupuncturist. Once considered alternative medicine by mainstream society, these methods have actually stood the test of time in many cultures. They operate on very basic principles and may offer you the relief you need in back pain. If you’ve sustained any injury or have serious spinal issues, check with your main physician before scheduling an appointment with any chiropractor or acupuncture clinic.

10. Get the right shoes. Just like with a mattress, shoes should be looked at as an investment in your health. If you suffer from chronic back pain, forgo heels and other aesthetically pleasing footwear, opting instead for good support. Specialty shoes are so advanced these days, they can be like medicine for your everyday back pain.

You may have to accept back pain as a part of life, but as this article demonstrates, there are many ways to reduce back pain and eliminate the sources of it. Take better care of your body and take the time to nurture your everyday back pain.

Memory Foam Mattress Double

by Travis Amos on April 18, 2015

What are the advantages of a memory foam mattress double? You may be a couple who doesn’t have enough room in your bedroom for a queen or king size bed and you are perfectly fine with the size of a double mattress which is generally 54″ x 74″ to 75″. Or maybe you’re a single person who doesn’t think a twin or twinxl mattress is wide enough. In any case, you are thinking of memory foam as the material of choice. Since the invention of memory foam and it’s popularity as a sleep surface, millions of people have found the perfect night’s sleep by buying one of these mattresses.

Why is Memory Foam So Comfortable? There are a few reasons why memory foam mattress has been such a smash hit with people who want a restful night’s sleep. First of all, memory foam isn’t fighting for position with your body during the night, it’s actually moving from any of the pressure your body puts against it. You see, memory foam is open celled foam as opposed to those old fashioned foam mattresses that people used to hate because they were so hot to sleep on. Closed cells trap air and your body just keeps heating that air until it becomes unbearable and makes you sweat, toss and turn.

Open celled memory foam, on the other hand, allows the air to move from cell to cell and actually to dispense itself into the air. When you get up from bed, the mattress slowly “breathes” in the air again and returns to it’s original shape and size. I’m sure you’ve seen those pictures of someone’s hand print in a memory foam mattress after the hand has been lifted off it. The purpose of those pictures is to show you that your mattress is not forcing itself upward against your body like a coil spring or air mattress does. If it was, it would instantly return to it’s full shape as you were raising your body off of it. Instead, it just slowly recovers after you’ve gotten off of it.

Now, I think the picures are a bit misleading because good memory foam won’t wait that long to reform itself. The used a very cheap, low density material for those pictures to exaggerate the point but it still tells the story. Temperature sensitivity is another factor in memory foam comfort. As you body lies on the material your body heat softens it up and it becomes even more comfortable. The density of the foam is also critical to it’s quality, support and life expectancy. Heavier, denser foam will out last less dense foam by quite a few years.

Generally speaking, a 4 lb density foam is considered as 10 year foam while 5 lb density foam is considered to be 20 year foam. This is affected greatly by which country the foam comes from so be careful to check and find out where the foam was poured. U.S.A. poured foam will outlast and outperform foreign foams and will be much safer to your health while not having the limburger smell that foreign foams are famous for having.

Netanyahu’s Likud wins Israeli election

by Travis Amos on March 18, 2015

TEL AVIV, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party scored a resounding victory in the country’s election, final results showed Wednesday, after a tight race that had put his lengthy rule in jeopardy.

With nearly all the votes counted, Likud appeared to have earned 30 out of parliament’s 120 seats, in a position to be able to build a coalition government with its right-wing and religious allies with relative ease.

The election was widely seen as a referendum on Netanyahu, who has governed the country for the past six years. Recent opinion polls indicated he was in trouble, giving chief rival Isaac Herzog of the opposition Zionist Union a slight lead.

Exit polls showed the two sides deadlocked but once the actual results came pouring in early Wednesday, Likud soared forward. Zionist Union wound up with just 24 seats.

Previously, Netanyahu has already declared victory but opposition leader Isaac Herzog said he refused to concede.

“Against all odds we have achieved a great victory for the Likud party and the national camp,” Netanyahu said during a speech on Tuesday night at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, citing an exit poll that showed a narrow lead for his party over the Zionist Union camp led by Herzog.

Netanyahu said he would act promptly to establish a “strong and stable government” that would look for the “security and well-being of all Israeli citizens.”

“I’ve spoken to the heads of the national camp and called them to join me and form a government as soon as possible, because reality does not take timeout,” Netanyahu said.

Hours later on Wednesday, Herzog said he refused to admit defeat.

Citing exit polls that showed him tied with Netanyahu in Tuesday’s elections, Herzog called on smaller parties to join a “socially-conscious government” headed by the Zionist Union.

“We achieved something extraordinary today,” Herzog told cheering supporters as they chanted: “hoo-ha here’s the next prime minister!”

Herzog said these were the best results the party had achieved in years. “These results will bring us back into power,” he said.

Herzog said that the results are not final yet, as some parties are on the edge of the electoral threshold and that could change the number of seats other parties have won.